108 Bead 8mm Natural Sandalwood Buddhist Wood Prayer Mala

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Mala is garland in Sankrit.

Malas are generally used for prayer and meditation, the beads are usually counted while chanting mantras. A Mala usually consists of 108 beads (the number can vary but should always be divisible by 9). There are numerous reasons why 108 is the number used and it tends to bear a lot of significance in the buddhist and hindi religions.

Malas consist of 108 beads to count and a 109th bead called the Guru bead. This Guru bead is not meant to be counted. Counting should start next to the Guru bead and should the chant continue once approaching the guru bead, instead of crossing it the counting should reverse the other way. The Guru stone is said to represent our teachers, mentors and Gurus and at the end of the counting is used to thank them. Counter beads or Marker beads are to help keep track of the number of chants while sometimes chanting can go in to the hundreds or thousands.


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